2nd Annual BIWC DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEB 18TH to be Held February 21st-22nd 2016!

The 2nd Annual Berlin International Wine Competition (BIWC) will be held February 21-22nd 2016 at the Berlin Kempinski Hotel in the heart of Berlin.

The BIWC is the only international wine competition in Europe where all the judges are real trade buyers judging the wine by its category and actual price. Our trade buyers are retail store buyers, distributors, importers, beverage directors, restaurant owners and more. They buy wine and know what sells and at what price.

To bring diversity to the competition we will have judges from around Europe judging in the BIWC. The 2015 competition had judges from the UK, France, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Italy and Germany. We expect more trade buyers from more countries to be judging with us in 2016.

Deadline for wines to be in our warehouse is Thursday February 18th 2016!